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Acemol Technology Co., Ltd is a trusted research-based manufacturer and worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals for commercial life & material science. We are more than just a chemicals supplier. We are committed to become your reliable partner, offer unique, innovative and the most cost-effective solutions available for you, enabling you to concentrate on your core activities. With our strong expertise in chemical informatics, synthetic chemistry, and the ability to upsize production to industrial level, we provide the following products and services: Catalog Compounds, Reference Compounds, Custom synthesis, Process Research & Development, large-scale synthesis of key intermediates. We have designed and produced many new and unique compounds. Our main products lines include grams to tons scale of Cyclohexane series, Cyclobutane series, Oxetane series, Boronic acids, Pyridines and Piperidine series, Chiral compounds, Spiro compounds. Bridging molecules for new medicine and new materials development and produce. We have more than 500 catalog products ,and most of those are in stock. In the future 5 years, we will build a chemistry platform with over 6000 building blocks and a variety of key chemistry technologies for drug discovery and new material development.